Jerusalem (Old city) - ANASTASIS; HOLY SEPULCHRE Monastery

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Source of knowledge
Archaeological remains
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Literarily definitive
Architectural evolution
General outline: 
The monastic presence in the Church of the Anastasis (Holy sepulchre) is known from the literary sources as the abbots were important personages. No remains have been excavated revealing the nature of the monastery itself. It was founded in 494 by Patriarch Elias. A monastic presence continues at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre up to the present day albeit with changing orders of monasticism in accordance with historical events.
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Phase date
5th c.
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General outline: 
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre-Anastasis has been in use since its foundation in the fourth century CE. The monastic presence at the church is known from the third quarter of the fourth century through the writings of the pilgrim Egeria. It is most likely that the monastic presence at the church continued without interruption but it is not known when the early monastery of the "Spudaioi" of the Byzantine period was abandoned in favor of a different monastic presence.
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In continuous use