Jerusalem (Extra mural) - Funerary chapel (?) of Theodosia and Georgia

General description: 

One of three rooms (18 m) in the small funerary chapel or tomb is decorated with richly symbolic and figurative mosaics, the rectangular hall features a panel depicting the myth of Orpheus (2.1m x 24 m) surrounded by an elaborate wide frame consisting of medallions formed by acanthus leaves bearing still life or animal scenes on a black background. The scene is a rare feature in funarary context and the latest to date. The mosaic floors were executed in opus tesselatum technique.



The style of the mosaic suggests a dating of the middle or second half of the 6th century. The style is similar to other mosaics in the region (Madaba and Gerasa) and probably belongs to the same workshop. 

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Item number Location in the architectural complex View
1 Hall- upper register View
2 Hall- lower register View