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Nidsort descending Site Name Monastery name View
13562 Sede Nahum Monastery View
13563 Scythopolis/Beth Shean (round church) Monastery (?) View
13565 Nahal Namer Hermitage View
13567 Un-named site (Western Galilee) Monastery (?) View
13570 Herzelia Monastery (?) View
13572 Scythopolis/Beth Shean (Tel Naharon) ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE View
13592 Rehovot in-the-Negev (North Church) Monastery View
13596 Ḥorvat Zagag Monastery View
13598 Ḥorvat Midras (in Galilee) Monastery (?) View
13665 Hazor Ashdod (Khirbet Banaya) Monastery View
13743 Kafr Kama Monastery (?) View
13763 Heptapegon; en Hashiv'a; et-Tabgha Sermon on the Mount View
13765 Jerusalem (Extra mural) ST. STEPHEN monatery View
13769 Tel Tanninim Monastery View
13771 Khirbet Medschdel Ba'a; Khirbe Mejdel Ba'a Monastery (?) View
13773 Samaria (Sebaste; Sebastiya)‎ St. John the Baptist (?) View
13787 Jerusalem (Mount of Olives) St. Anna/Anastasia View
13788 Ḥorvat Kasif‎; Khirbet Kuseifa; Khirbet Quseifa Monastery (?) View
13790 Ḥorvat Ḥadath; Ḥorvat Ḥadat; Khirbet el-Hadatha; Khirbet Hadath Monastery (?) View
13823 Jerusalem extra mural (Silwan caves) Hermitage View